Monday, November 28, 2016

Much more than a level editor!

When I started this project I couldn't imagine how far I would go.

First I worked on creating a code of a platform game that would fit on the Sega Saturn and the Dreamcast. Then I started creating my game and I realized the process was too manual and I would need to create a tool to make it easier.

When I created the level editor I realized the process had become so easy that I could create a lot of levels in a few days just dragging and dropping pieces of sprites. Then I realized if I take more time to put more things that bother me on this tool I could really save more time.

So, now I'm working on creating other tools like draw on the VMU, generate spritesheets of characters and also integrating other famous tools inside my tool.

For example notepad ++ for coding, bootdreams to generate CDIs and ISO Maker to generate the ISO for the DreamShell.

Probably I will spend some more weeks to finish this IDE however I'll save a lot of time during the process of creating the game.

Level Editor

Exporting the game to CDI or ISO using BootDreams or ISO Maker

Now I'm working on a tool to draw on the VMU

Notepad ++ is inside the tool for coding

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